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1Ugly Boy Fresh a.k.a. Rance Rob in SoHo NYC

Ugly. Boy. Fresh. Welcome, to the site. Here’s the breakdown:

My name is Rance Rob and this is a single-author blog. I’m the Editor-In-Chief. I am husband, father, son, brother, and loyal friend. I make pictures and talk spit on the internet!

Ugly. Truth is an ugly thing. Nobody really wants the truth about anything. If your girl asks you “Do I look fat?” and you say “YES!” you can forget about getting any sexual or other forms of gratification for… awhile. I seek the truth, even if it hurts. I speak the truth because we all need to hear it. People hate being lied to and they hate hearing honest opinions. What a double edged sword. Since I can’t win either way, I can’t lose either. On this blog I embrace the ugly.

Boy. I am unapologetically black. I am unapologetically male. I am unapologetically heterosexual. I champion manhood, machismo, and everything dude. Men’s fashion, cars, clothes, cologne and whatever else is on my radar makes it here. This is a boys club and for that I make no apologies. Sorry, everyone doesn’t get a trophy and everyone isn’t always included. I want you here but it’s your choice.

Fresh. Perspective and perception is a funny thing. Most people don’t realize that their thoughts about a subject are given to them. The content on this website is editorial. There are times current pop culture stories will be dissected. ¬†UBFresh touches on many subjects. Fresh thought is always the goal. fresh thoughts Think!

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