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Cornealious “Mike” Anderson Freed from 13 Year Prison Sentence After Only One Year

Ugly Boy Fresh May 5, 2014

The system finally did something fair, that made sense; even though he deserved to go to prison a clerical error allowed Cornealious “Mike” Anderson to not have to serve his bid. He was going to prison for a robbery of a fast food joint but the order for him to report to jail never came, so he moved on with his life. In the time he was “free” he completely changed his life around, got married, started a family and became a pillar in his community. 

The courts realized something wasn’t right when his case went up for review. It was time for him to go up for release and they realized he never went to jail; naturally they found him and put him in jail. Anderson didn’t run, didn’t show a poor disposition and let his faith take over and let the thing play out.

It’s a great story and now a family is restored. Anderson was rehabilitated while free. The thought of a second chance did what prison sentences given to prisoners rarely does: rehabilitate.

Check out the story here!

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