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EA Sports Says I Can be Bruce Lee

Ugly Boy Fresh May 15, 2014

EA Sports let’s us all be the baddest fighter the earth has ever known, Bruce Lee!

We’ve made the noises like him, we’ve tried to kick like him, and be as cool as he was. It doesn’t matter if you’re a black kid from the Bronx, a white kid from Minnesota, or a hispanic kid from Phoenix; at one point in your life you probably did something that was influenced by the man, the legend known as Bruce Lee. On May 14, 2014 EA Sports announced that Master Lee will be featured in the UFC Gameplay series.

Many in the MMA community credit Bruce Lee with being the creator of mixed martial arts. He created Jeet Kun Do, a form of martial arts that does not follow the tradition of one style. Rather, JKD takes out the complicated movements of traditional martial arts to make you most effective for your opponent. Master Lee was exceptional in various arts, even fencing so this was a no-brainer. Check out the video from EA Sports. This is ill!

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