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So you want to write a guest post for Ugly Boy Fresh, eh? You think you have what it takes to be a Hired Gun? Let’s see what you’ve got. All it takes is submitting your post via e-mail to info[at] but here’s what it’ll take to get it approved:

Be Stylish – everyone has a writing style of their own and that’s ok, just get familiar with the Ugly Boy Fresh style of writing and try to make it mesh. What this means is that most of the written posts on Ugly Boy Fresh have an angle to tie a point together and plenty of examples so that the reader can visualize what you’re saying. Mainly… make your post relatable.

Formatting – I edit all of the guest posts that are submitted. You better believe that I’m happy to have you as a Hired Gun doing a guest post but I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the editing process. It would really speed things up if you pay attention to my formatting style. I’ll place your pictures for you.

Links – You know what can make a blog post become a classic like this album? It’s all about the links. On certain points that you make, include (in parenthesis) a link to parts of your posts that make a strong point. Links are important to building cred like bullets are to a 9-milli.

Pictures – What good would Instagram be without pictures? Twitter and Facebook wouldn’t be so great without ’em and I feel the same way about pics on a post… they are a must. Include no less than three and no more than five pics to accompany your article so we can make it hot!

Author’s Bio – I would love to take the credit for your hard work but that just ain’t right. Please include a short bio at the bottom of your post that has all of the social links that you want people to be able to contact you on.

Write With Passion not Hated – At Ugly Boy Fresh I want you to feel free to write about a subject but it can’t contain profanity, hatred, discrimination, or racism. There’s a time and a place for everything but I can’t have a card carrying member of the Neo-Nazi organization trying to spread a message on Ugly Boy Fresh.

Calm down, chill… it’s not as much work as it may seem to be. Ugly Boy Fresh readers have come to expect a certain type of quality and style and I want them to respect your craft and ability as much (or more) than I want them to visit this website. You’re a Hired Gun and that may not pay real dough yet but compensation will come to those who are diligent. Let’s go!

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  • pretty much

    I ordered stuff july 3 an summer will be over soon whats the deal

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