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Michael Jordan a Reformed Racist?

Ugly Boy Fresh May 8, 2014

Michael Jordan admits that he held extreme dislike — dare we say ‘hatred’– for white people when he was younger. 

His Airness is quoted in a new biography titled “Michael Jordan: A Life,” by Roland Lazenby, where he discusses issues of race in a candid fashion. The book takes us on a ride with Jordan from his childhood up to his rise as the greatest basketball icon of all time. The 700 page opus — Lazenby actually cut 300 pages — has insight from over 100 interviewees and quotes from MJ in the past. The book took 3.5 years and while he did not interview Michael Jordan, Lazenby stands by his sources.

With the recent controversy  that starred the ousted LA Clippers Donald Sterling, racism is a hot topic in the nation. While Donald Sterling has had a history of prejudice, the details in this new biography aren’t an indictment on Michael Jordan — in my opinion — but it is more telling of the trials and tribulations of being an African-American male growing up in a southern state that wasn’t far removed from KKK over-lording and the abolishment of Jim Crow and oppression of American citizens of dark pigmentation.

Jordan admittedly did not like white people when he was a teenager. In an interview from the 1990s, Jordan recounted the story of how a classmate called him the n-word. “So I threw a soda at her,” he said in the interview, quoted in the New York Post. “I was really rebelling. I considered myself a racist at the time. Basically, I was against all white people.” 

Lazenby noted in an interview that the quotes take on new resonance in light of recent revelations of racist statements by Donald Sterling. However, he cautioned that the words must be taken in context, not as a representative look at Jordan’s stance on race relations throughout his life.

“Michael’s comment was just an honest assessment of how he felt after watching ‘Roots,’ but we are now in the midst of a national conversation on race,” Lazenby said. “I’m happy we are. I just couldn’t have anticipated that this would bubble up to the top this way.”

The dealings with race are only a small percent of the larger tale of the complex and polarizing figure that is Michael Jeffrey Jordan, a.k.a #23, a.k.a. The Jumpman! They do not express his feelings now and hopefully no one spins the story that way. You know, the way that idiot Grant Hill overreacted and wrote an open letter to Jalen Rose and the Fab 5 about feelings he felt as an 18-year old. If you aren’t hip to it, read it here:

Grant Hill’s Response to Jalen Rose –

Check out the book if you have time for 700 pages. True Jordan fans, like myself, can’t wait to read what’s being called one of the more comprehensive biographies on the man who revolutionized the game of basketball and the way the game is marketed even now!

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