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Nike Killshot 2 from J Crew

Ugly Boy Fresh May 9, 2014

I broke a cardinal rule of mine and bought a pair of Nikes, The Nike Killshot 2 to be exact.

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a an Adidas loyalist, sprinkled in with the occasional pair of Chuck Taylors. Since I was 15 years old it’s been all about the 3 stripes and nothing else. That’s been my first choice. I’ve found comfort in their design style and Run DMC, one of the best groups of all time wrote one of the most famous shoe anthems about Adidas. They got a co-sign from the icons from Queens. Who wouldn’t want to rock Adidas. Even Michael Jordan wanted to sign with Adidas over Nike. Fate took over, but still.

Check out “How Nike Landed Michael Jordan” via ESPN! Riveting article.

My issues with Nike:

  • Poor construction.
  • The toes crease with the quickness.
  • Everybody was on ’em too tough.
  • Although they’re on a comeback tour, Air Force 1’s got on my nerves. The shoe and the song by the St. Lunatics. From Fat Joe licking a pair on MTV cribs to all the painted and customized versions, I got sick of ’em.

The notion of me wearing Nikes would normally be impossible. It’d be like a murderless weekend in current day Chicago. It’s like Trinidad James being considered one of the rap game’s illest lyricists. Rance Rob in Nikes is like an Obama presidency without opposition from people who don’t want him to succeed because he’s half-black. It’s like Rollin’ 60 Crips and Eight Tray Gangster Crips getting along. I’m not trivializing these things, just making a point that I don’t wear Nikes. Then I saw the Killshot 2 at J. Crew. Now, this is not some new exclusive shoe. It’s been out for a minute but a few weeks ago the shoe struck me funny.

I liked the old styling of the shoe. I also liked that it is a shoe that one would think is canvas but it’s made of leather. They reminded me of a pair of Pumas I had back in ’95. So there’s nostalgia, styling, and composition. Now I’m open to opening my wallet to Nikes. Here’s me in my J. Crew x Nike Killshot 2

Rance Rob-Nike-Killshot 2-Ugly-Boy-Fresh Rance Rob-Nike-Killshot 2-Ugly-Boy-Fresh-J Crew-Rob The Moment Photography Rance Rob-Nike-Killshot 2-Ugly-Boy-Fresh-J Crew-Rob The Moment Photography

Rance Rob-Nike-Killshot 2-Ugly-Boy-Fresh

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