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The New York Knicks vs. The Brooklyn Nets: Learn Something

Ugly Boy Fresh December 12, 2012

The New York Knicks & Brooklyn Nets rivalry can teach us guys about stepping our game up! I type this as the Knicks take on the Nets in the Barclay’s on this cold December night.

Brooklyn’s in the House & so is Manhattan

Knicks Vs. Nets

Have you ever been to New York? Have you ever taken a ride through Queens? Do you know the feeling you get when you ride and walk through the streets of “Money Makin” Manhattan? What about the joy of walking through the Brooklyn streets and sections like Fort Greene or DUMBO? If you’ve never been to New York it’s kind of hard to imagine how it feels to ride through the city and know that the subway train you’re riding on is the same one that Jay-Z and Biggie had to commute on. 

There’s nothing like New York freakin’ city. Every step you take there feels like you’re competing for something. You want to hustle because the city bustles on its own. I remember the first time I walked past Madison Square Garden, I think my heart stopped for a quick second. If you’re an NBA fan you already know the magnitude of MSG, it’s like the Mecca of the game. Here I am at the place where Michael Jordan torched the Knickerbockers and played some of his most iconic games. It’s NYC. When you come here you learn that there are way better places to get your cheesecake than Junior’s. There are options for everything so if you’re in business you better come with it.

Time for Class

Last season NBA fans watched the New York Knicks come back to life. They survived the disaster that was bad max contracts, Stephon Maubury, Isaiah Thomas and all of his baggage, they survived relevant irrelevance. The Garden can never be forgotten but the product that the Knicks allowed to be on the court for the past decade or more was disgusting. There were some flashes but still… Then we witnessed Linsanity hit the moon in a shortened NBA season, he seemed to come out of nowhere. Eminem told y’all already. Jeremy Lin became a PR person’s dream. 

My opinion is that something made the big-money people behind the Knicks wake up and it happened March 11, 2010. That’s when it really started to hit home that a new flashy car was pulling into the garage. In 2010 the official groundbreaking of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn began to manifest that the Knicks wouldn’t be the only option anymore. Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the Brooklyn Nets, was bringing his circus to town and he started making New York feel like his lions, tigers, and trapeze artists were going to be better. People like new stuff, that’s the nature of humans.

What Have you Won for me Lately?

Spike Lee Knicks Vs. Nets

The world is fickle but one thing that is for sure, New Yorkers love their teams. They live for their teams like no other place. Maybe Laker and Steeler nations are ahead in certain instances but overall, New York loves New York. Some fans will never defect. Some people are too loyal, they’re real fans. For example, I don’t see Spike Lee becoming a Nets fan, even if he’s from BK. I doubt Woody Allen is going to switch it up. When it started to become real for the NYK organization that the Brooklyn Nets were coming and have the two of the world’s most popular celebrities on their squad as fans, something had to change. Think about it, if there’s a chance that Beyonce’ can end up at the game wearing this, why not come to the other side?

Winning is the most important thing that you can do to energize a fan-base. When you don’t compete and take on the attitude that screams “Who else are you gonna cheer for? Deal with what we’re giving you”, something’s gotta give. The most dangerous thing that you can do to bad restaurant with no other game in town is put a new restaurant next door. Either they’re going to step their game up or go out of business. On a smaller scale, with Brooklyn Nets coming to town you give the casual fan someone new to look at and at least consider. That’s a bad idea like hiring a 20 year-old live-in nanny when you’re 40 and you let yourself go when you turned 30.

Is Brooklyn Coming to You?

Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick

Everyone of us has something we are doing that we can do better. If you aren’t paying as much attention to your woman believe that Brooklyn is at work treating her nice, opening her door and buying her lunch. Are you slacking off at work? You’re the best at crunching the numbers and making the sales in your division until Brooklyn comes fresh out of grad school. He started out making $10,000 less than you but he’s 10,000 times hungrier than you. Brooklyn is primed and ready to step into that promotion you’ve been waiting on. If you’re not sure of this theory, ask someone about Colin Kaepernick replacing Alex Smith. 

Brooklyn isn’t a hater, that’s too easy of a cop-out. Brooklyn just knows how to spot a prime opportunity to seize their moment. Brooklyn is always trying to be a proactive difference-maker. The Knicks have been around, forgot that there is always someone looking to slip into that spot. They’re the big kids on the block and were the only game in town living in one of the most important houses in the most important city in the world. Sometimes the Knicks in us need a reminder that Brooklyn is coming and we may need to work harder to give a better product to the people. Those people may just look elsewhere and that is dangerous.

This game ends with The Knicks pulling it out 100-97 but there is no point of return. Brooklyn will always be around.


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