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Trinidad James: Is He a Joke or Fresh?

Ugly Boy Fresh November 26, 2012

Ugly Boy Fresh gets hipped to Trinidad James

Trinidad James is a rapper from the south-side of the ATL. He says he’s only be rapping for about a year and that this whole thing is new to him. He’s an interesting character and here are my thoughts of him.

It’s All Gold

On Wednesday I found myself to be a little depressed because my car died (more on that later). It’s the day before Thanksgiving and it’s after hours and I’m basically screwed for the rest of holiday week, so I hop on Facebook to see if something can cheer me up. My boy Mike posted the video below with a caption that read “SMH… I DONE SEEN IT ALL”. I couldn’t resist so I clicked and watched.

I can’t front, I was rollin’ on the floor. My first thought was — is this Trinidad James character serious? Then I was thinking that his style of rap is hilarious. Next I was laughing at the fact that this is what the lovechild of Master P and Jerome would look like. Then I found myself back at 1:40-1:55 laughing at the outfit, the way he walks, just the overall presentation. I showed Mrs. Fresh and we laughed together.

The Morning After

Trinidad James looks like Master P and Jerome from Martin some say

I was still pretty down about my ride but as I was getting ready for work I found myself laughing and saying in my head “Popped a molly I’m sweatin’… WOO” and laughing like crazy. I didn’t know what a molly was at the time but that line was sticky. I had to go back on YouTube and leave a comment and then I began reading the comments. That was 30 minutes of my life where I laughed a lot. I think the general consensus is that the average person can’t get over his teeth. I must admit that I’ve never quite seen a gold front sit smack dab in the middle of a mouth. 

Then I decided to watch the other videos that Trinidad James has on his channel. I looked at them because I still couldn’t put a handle on what he is? He doesn’t seem to be a gangsta rapper or a coke rapper. He was rappin’ holding a puppy for gold’s sake. Then I watched some of his interviews and dude appears to be a chill cat doing something that others can’t… getting over a million views on YouTube and being the subject of conversation to people he doesn’t even know. You best believe I showed some folks “All Gold Everything” to get a reaction.

Yeah I Dropped A Tape

People like Trinidad James are always interesting because you it seems like he did this project with no real expectations. He’s even said “I may just drop this one tape and do somethin’ else.” Even T.I. stopped by the guy’s session high as a kite to holla at James. T.I. was on a spaceship wasn’t he? He’s basically doing the stuff people dream about but never do. Trinidad is kind of like that cousin that everybody has. The cool one that all the family loves but they worry he may not have a plan.

Don’t be fooled, the dude has a plan. He’s hooked up with good producers, a good videographer, and has a team that’s helping him push this. Sometimes it isn’t as much about talent as it is having a plan that you can work. What’s dope is when you can seem like all you did was “wing it” but I’m not that stupid. James is a smart dude that understands how to build on his flaws and draw people in. He’s been featured on XXL’s website and The Fader. Like he said “Yeah I dropped a tape… It feels … amazin’!” But it isn’t by accident.

Hard to Hate 

Is Trinidad James breaking new ground? Nah, not in rap. The subject matter is the same as anybody else. If there was a rapper that I think should be huge in comparison if we’re talking about rap ability, it’s this guy. I just find it compelling that James has embraced who he is and is working with what he’s got to be who he wants to be. He’s basically telling people “accept me or hate me but you won’t stop me!” I love that. I’m sure this dude has been laughed at all of his life about his teeth but he’s using that as his gimmick to get people talking about him. Most of the clicks to his videos is because the first time you hear about him you’re probably going to clown him. Most of those who admitted that found that they actually liked the guy.

James isn’t trying to fake like he’s ballin’ on illegal money. Dude works in a clothing store in the ATL and he’s proud about it. He just got his driver’s license a few months ago. Trinidad James is basically about rockin’ fresh clothes and kicks and doing whatever it is a 24-year old guy in Atlanta does (including poppin’ molly and sweatin’). People love an underdog and they love a person that’s not being anything other than who they are. Trinidad James exhibits the attitude of Ugly Boy Fresh which is to go and just do what you dream to do. Don’t let anything hold you back. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, they’ll either hate you or love you but you can’t control that. People are always going to find a flaw in you but that’s their problem, not your’s. That’s dope.

In Conclusion

I like this dude. I don’t necessarily agree with his conversation at this point in my life but I dig anybody going for their’s even when people doubt them. I also Ugly Boy Fresh approve James having his own style and “been fresher than y’all n—as”, as Trinidad said. He’s got gear and I guess a mean sneaker game. That tells me that you need to look good. Don’t be afraid to step your style-game up.

Have you ever found yourself laughing at someone and then realizing that you can learn from them?


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