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Whip Lust: BMW 7 Series Exclusive Edition

Ugly Boy Fresh May 13, 2014

BMW has dropped a new, exclusive Beamer that has pushed the flagship big body sedan to another level.

Confession: I am a man with a crush on an inanimate object. The same way dudes act when they see Nicki Manaj in a thong is the reaction a BMW 7 Series. My head turns, I almost hit people and kittens, nothing holds my attention for the split second I see a 750 or above. 

Now, BMW decides to somehow make the immaculate even better by putting out the BMW 7 Series Exclusive Edition. One day maybe I can put enough Bitcoin in the toy machine to have one of these. In the meantime I’ll just look at the pictures. Join me, cuz you know your broke butt can’t afford one either. 

They focused mainly on the interior and here’s what you get:

Nappa leather seats, a leather-wrapped dashboard, Alcantara headliner and optional Merino leather upholstery. The Exclusive Edition can be ordered with any engine in the 7er’s lineup on both short and long wheelbase models. 

It’s safe to say that this joint is gonna be hot! Peep the car porn:

BMW 7 Series Exclusive Edition BMW 7 Series Exclusive Edition BMW 7 Series Exclusive Edition BMW 7 Series Exclusive Edition

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